Returning to work, as a mum
After being off for nearly 10 months on maternity leave, having the best time spending it watching my handsome boy grow and learn new things it’s time to get back to work.
I can’t believe how quick the time has gone and how much my baby’s growing up. So many emotions and things to think about, how’s Arron going to be me leaving him, what nursery will he go to, will I just fall right back into working.
Such a scary thought but also so excited to get back into it.
I’m sure every mum feels the same about leaving their baby and ensuring you get the best child care for when your not there. This was my main worry about leaving him, however I have been lucky enough to have the best grandparents that can help out a lot! So it was now just a case of finding a fabulous nursery for Arron to go to one day a week.
Even the first visit to view his nursery my nerves were gone. I know he will just love it, love being around other kids and making new friends.
I have decided I would go back to work on a part time basis just now and see how things go, how Arron adapts.
I love my work and what I do so although I’m nervous about leaving him, I am also so excited.
We have a great team and everyone is so supportive.
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