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Mokha helping with hair loss

We are excited to introduce a new service that provides a solution for anyone who suffers from thin fragile hair or female pattern baldness.

After extensive research, we have now been through rigorous training with Banbury Postiche,  a professional supplier of hair loss integration systems. We have been working with Banbury Postiche for many years using their Hair Extension products, this allowed us to have the confidence their product and training would be the best for our clients.

The system has been developed over the past five years and is made from the finest materials. It is THE BEST solution to manage hair loss with very simple application and maintenance.

You will be amazed at how this system will make you regain the confidence that hair loss can take away.

Please book an appointment with Alison for a free no obligation consultation to start this exciting journey. Please email or call 01698 283452

Please contact us for a free no obligation consultation

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