Extensions at Rehab London

Jenna is now delighted to be offering the Award Winning Lauren Pope Hair Rehab Extensions at Mokha Ladies. On her trip to London, she learned so much and here is just some of her advice on the best extensions that work for you x


U-tip extensions are taken in rows and applied in a 1cm Square section. Fused with heat and rolled into a cylinder bond enclosing the natural hair.

There in no refits to these extensions and can last up to 5-6 months (sometimes longer if you can handle them hanging down and sometimes can start to be seen out your own hair).

A maintenance blow dry is recommended 6-8 weeks after application. This is to check the bonds are settling in well and and any concerns.

To remove a spray is applied to dissolve the Keratin bond and pliers are used to crush the bond to release your natural hair, the bond will then slide away.

– 1g per strand so the hair is nice and thick
– Average full head 100-150 bonds
– Low maintenance

– Removal can be a bit of a process. Especially if they haven’t been looked after properly.
– You can’t reuse the hair


A small section is taken and a small bead is applied to the 1cm section of hair. Then the stick tip is put through the bead and pliers are used to secure them in place.

Removal is loosening of the mental bead and the extensions slides away. The hair can be reused with a new bead applied.

– No heat is applied during application.
– The hair extensions can be reused.
– Sit nice and flat to the head.
– Removal is faster

– As the beads are metal, if you have regular surgery or pregnant you would be asked to have them removed.

Braidless Weave

You apply a copper ring in a 2cm width section in rows, then secure the weft to the beaded sections. The weft is then applied with weft thread to match the colour of your roots to blend nicely.

Every 5-8 weeks you will need a refit using the same wefts.

To remove the weft we use out thread cutter and pull the tread out from the weft. The weft is then taken out and we start to removed the copper rings with the pliers.

– Weft will give you the fullest/ thickest look.
– Easy to apply
– Fast to remove


– Can be harder to tie your hair up but not impossible.


You weave a thin section of hair the width of your tape. Applying the first tape beneath your weaves section leaving a small space at the roots (this is for comfort).

The second tape is then applied on top to create a sandwich, pressing firmly to allow the two takes to seal.

The tapes can be reused and will need to be refitted every 6-8 weeks depending how fast your hair grows.

Removal is fast using a spray to separate the to tapes.

– Fast application and fast removal
– The hair can be reused with new tapes applied
– Sit flat to the head
– Can wear your hair in all styles
– Double drawn so the hair is thick from roots to ends.

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