It's wedding time of the year

It’s that time of year again, the sun is peaking through the clouds, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming and it’s of course wedding season!

As most of you know this is my favourite time of year. I specialise in Bridal hair and hoping today to give you a little short insight to what I see 2019 styles are for up and coming brides.

The main style I feel for 2019 would be very loose soft and down, with maybe a slight pin here and there.

Something as simple as this can be still very beautiful and eye catching, I would also like to point out rather than previous bridal trends of having half up, half down this years trend would be more loosely pinned and relaxed looking, with not over amount of height.

This would be ideally styled with an understated floral vintage style dress, necklines I would recommend would be something maybe off the shoulder or low back.

The next style I would like to show you, which is one of my favourites would be the low pony tail. Pony tails have made a very big come back, we actually had a stunning bride at the end of last year who was our first ponytail bride.

However with the pony tail being back it is usually seen with height, whereas I feel for the bridal season this year it is a very understated look with it being a low smooth pony.

As you can see this style is complete perfection, and I feel it is loose but structured at the same time giving off a classic bride with an undone feel. It almost has a feel of a ballerina, very feminine and dainty.

The hair accessory in this style in the picture is a plain white ribbon which for me is perfect with your hair accessory playing a massive part in your hair

When doing my consultations I would always talk through with my brides about their hair accessory as it needs to blend well with dress, earrings and hair and for me less is more.

Last trend style I would like to show you is another soft look inspired by the stunning Meghan Markle.

Tendrils, these can soften any style in the hair giving off a very sexy but subtle look of glamour.

A simple chignon up do with tendrils and maybe a red lip would just be wow, and of course a touch of royalty inspiration with it.

When booking your wedding with Mokha, before securing a date,  we would always invite you into the salon to discuss your hair style. We would book you in an hour appointment and more if needed to discuss every important detail from any questions you have and ideas you have to Mokha team making sure we are giving you as much comfort and ideas as you need.

I will be uploading a short clip of an up and coming bridal style soon on our social sites, so keep your eyes peeled. And just to keep myself even more up to date and so I can look after all you brides to my best, I will be attending a GHD bridal course which I have attended in the past.

As always will be posting our beautiful brides as the year goes on to help other brides get some inspiration.

I hope this short blog has given you a little help and insight to this years styles and hope to hear from future brides soon.

Anyone looking to book a consultation can do so by email, Facebook, instagram or email or call us on 01698 283452

Thank you for reading,


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